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#1 Sewer line installation in NJ

Sewer line installation is needed for those that are building a new home or currently have a septic system and want to connect to the public sanitary sewer lateral in the street near the property line.

To hook up to the public sewer system a  lateral sewer line of underground pipes will need to be installed from the structure on the property to the property line of the lot near the sidewalk or street.   Often the street will need to be opened and excavated in order to connect the installed sewer later line to the public sewer system.

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Sewer line replacement FREE ESTIMATE in NJ

In NJ property owners are required to maintain side sewers/lateral sewers/building sewer and the plumbing systems connected to their homes, other than the public sewer main system in the public roads and streets or public easements.

If the sewer lateral line is old or broken you will need to hire a licensed and insured sewer contractor for sanitary sewer repair plumbing.

An experienced sewer contractor will first conduct a video camera inspection of your sewer lateral to determine the condition, any sewer repair needed to bring the sewer line into compliance or if sewer line replacement is a better option.

Sewer line installation NJ
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Forced main sewer install

If you have your sewer line lower than the street level (no gravity) you will need to have sewer line installation with a system called a “force main” If you look to install or replace a force main sewer line or complete force main system you need to choose a company that knows how to handle a force sewer main system.

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Street opening for new sewer line installation or replacement

Force mean sewer line installation may require street opening and digging and excavation connecting your home plumbing sewer main pipe to the main sewer city line in the road that will include a force main pump to push the sewer water through the pipe from the house to the public sewer line.

Street sewer installation

We also perform any new sanitary line installation from the house to the public main sewer in the street.  There are different ways to run a sewer or main drain line to street city connection in NJ.  The State of New Jersey and each town have many requirements for the design and installation of sewerage facilities that need to be followed.   Please contact us for more information.

Under road new sewer installation or replacement 

If there is a public gravity sanitary sewer or  sanitary sewer force main operating in a public right-of-way or public easement available to connect a private sewer line to a property owner may complete new sewer installation and connect to the public sewer main under the road.

A NJ sewer contractor can assist in this type of sewer installation, which requires a special permit for road opening called a Street Opening Permit or Street Excavation Permit.

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