Need Septic Tank Replacement in NJ? We’re Here For You 24/7

Need NJ septic tank replacement ASAP? Call now for 24/7 emergency septic tank services: 201-234-4471

Some sewer and septic system problems simply can’t wait until normal 9-5, Monday to Friday office hours. When your drains are backing up with wastewater or your septic tank is burst and leaking, you need service now, not first thing Monday morning.

That’s why at 365 Sewer SErvices, we offer 24-hour emergency septic tank services, sewer services, and drainage repair services throughout north New Jersey. In our line of work, emergencies can’t wait. The longer you wait for septic tank repair or sewer line repair, the higher your risk is for devastating and costly water damage.

You can call us literally any time for emergency septic tank services in NJ. Whether it’s 2 AM on a Tuesday morning, or 1 in the afternoon on Christmas Eve, we can always respond in a timely manner to your emergency calls.

When Will I Need Emergency Septic Tank Services?

Not all problems are a serious emergency, but leaking sewage or backflow into your drains can lead to water damage and create a serious health hazard from sewer bacteria. In an emergency, call us any time for 24-hour service.

You should call us immediately for emergency septic tank services or septic tank replacement in NJ if:


  • The water level in your septic tank is higher than the outlet
  • Your toilets and drains are backing up and/or emitting sewage odors
  • Your drainfield is filled with water

Don’t wait: call us now for 24-hour emergency septic tank services in NJ, at 201-234-4471.