Recent Water Main Breaks in NJ – The Importance of Water Line Repair & Replacement NJ

For a FREE diagnosis and cost estimate for water line repair, replacement, or installation in NJ, call us today at A1 Sewer & Drain Services: 201-645-0888 Old municipal water pipes can suffer from corrosion, leakage, and deterioration over time. This can lead to catastrophic water main breaks, which can cause significant damage to nearby homes, businesses, and property. Many cities in the United States struggle with deteriorated water lines and sewer pipes, which need extensive and potentially disruptive repairs or replacement. At A1 Sewer Services NJ, we provide municipal water pipe repair, water line replacement, and NJ sewer services for […]

NJ Plumbers Standing Water In Your Front or Backyard – Drainage Solutions in NJ

Need experienced local drainage contractors? Call 365 Sewer Services NJ FREE consultation: 201-645-0888 Ideally, a combination of topography, sunlight, and soil porosity should allow standing water in your yard to either drain away or evaporate. However, issues like dense soil, high water tables, or flat topography can cause standing water to pool up after heavy rains, turning your lawn and garden into a muddy swamp. At A1 Sewer & Drain Services, our experienced local Bergen County drainage contractors can help you find effective solutions for your yard drainage and standing water problems. French drains, culverts, and other options can safely move water […]

Septic Tank Replacement in NJ

Many homeowners and businesses in rural areas of New Jersey rely on a septic system for onsite wastewater treatment and disposal. Septic systems are useful in areas where a municipal sewer main is not readily available. Using both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, septic systems allow liquid waste to eventually be released into a drainfield. Sludge accumulates inside the tank, which needs to be pumped periodically. Eventually, septic tanks and other septic system components can wear down or corrode, and you’ll need septic tank replacement or pipe replacement. At A1 Sewer & Drain Services, we provide residential and commercial septic, drain, […]

Essex Fells, NJ – Do You Need Sewer Cleaning?

Most routine plumbing clogs that Essex Fells, New Jersey homeowners encounter are located in the pipes, close to a drain. The kitchen sink is actually the most common household drain to clog, since it’s easy for grease and food particles to accidentally wash down the pipes, where they can adhere to the sides and block water flow. However, in addition to drain clogs, you sewer main line can also develop a clog. Sewer clogs are considerably messier and trickier to deal with than a clogged sink or toilet, and nearly always require the assistance of an experienced professional. There are […]

Franklin Lakes NJ – The Trouble with Drain Cleaner

Clogged drains are a routine plumbing problem among Franklin Lakes, New Jersey homeowners. All kinds of materials can clog your toilet or sink, like cooking grease, paper towels, hair, and food debris. Most people respond to a clogged sink by using bottled drain cleaner to try to dissolve the clog. However, drain cleaner doesn’t actually work as well as most people think it does, and it can actually cause damage to your pipes. If you’re struggling with a particularly stubborn clog, give us a call at 365 Sewer. We provide professional drain cleaning services in Franklin Lakes for clogged drains, […]

Demarest NJ – How Tree Roots Can Damage Your Sewer Main

Many Demarest homeowners have one or more large trees growing on their property, like oaks and pines. Unbeknownst to most people, the sprawling network of root systems hidden beneath the soil can actually pose a threat to your sewer main. Tree roots are surprisingly prone to growing around, and into, sewer pipes. The moisture and the presence of nutrients, like nitrogen, are attractive to tree roots, which begin to use the pipe as an anchor around which they can grow. Most of the pipes are made from PVC, from manufacturers like Diamond Plastics, Ipex, and JM Eagle. As the roots […]